Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walking Down the Road of Justice: A Family United.

Over the last week I have followed Conrad Murray’s pre-trial, as no doubt we all have, with conflicting feelings and thoughts. I thought I had prepared myself mentally and emotionally for the testimony, but I realized that no matter what we did to ready ourselves, it would be futile. The deep wound from losing Michael has re-opened, and really, did it ever close?

For myself, I feel like I have been transported back to those days in 2009, when the shock of Michael’s death was replaced with confusion, questions and anger. Reading the testimony, I have felt myself slipping back into those emotions. Some of the information presented we already knew; some we didn’t, but all of it stabs at our hearts causing pain and grief at the senselessness of his death, and at the injustice that was served to him.

It’s been rough, and it’s going to get rougher in the days and months ahead, but none of us are alone in the way we feel. Why? Because we are more than just fans. We are supporters, soldiers, family; connected to each other, and Michael, through our deep abiding love for a man who was more than just a musical icon. He was our brother. He touched us on a deep, emotional and spiritual level. Nothing can ever change that; nothing! Our support and love for him will remain steadfast, no matter what is presented to us.

Yes, we have all had our differences and still do. We have sometimes walked different paths in our search for the truth; in the way we support and honor Michael, and continue his legacy. We each hold our own theories, questions, and beliefs that perhaps others don’t agree with, but the one thing we all share in common is our love for Michael, and the pain over him being taken from us. And we have proven during the last week that we can indeed put our disagreements aside for a common purpose. Standing as one, praying and working together towards justice for Michael; one voice raised up in his support bringing to the world’s attention the wrongs done and awareness to the disservices rendered to him.

Today we share our happiness over the judge’s decision that Murray stand trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, and the suspension of his medical license. It is just the beginning in what we hope, pray and believe will be complete justice and vindication for Michael and his name. We must continue the unity we have shown; to stand together and remain strong through all our differences. And when we feel that strength start to wane; the confusion and anger start to surface; the feelings of isolation and pain overwhelm us, remember that just one message, one tweet or phone call, one arm-length away, is a brother or sister who feels the same. Reach out and take their hand; gain strength from each other and know that none of us are alone. We are family, and defenders of Michael’s legacy.


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