Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Far, Is Too Far?

It is not always easy to admit that you are wrong; that you have committed a grave error in judgment. Upon learning that Discovery UK, along with its new partner in marriage, OWN, are planning to air a re-creation of Michael Jackson’s autopsy using a anatomically correct synthetic cadaver, I had to do just that; admit I was wrong. Naively believing that the media had reached the fullest extent in which they could discredit his name, I realized they were about to cross the finishing line with the exploitation of his body, even if posthumously. I was shocked, disgusted and yes, angry. It was a physical reaction; I felt sick and somewhat defeated.

I found myself asking what really the purpose of this so-called “documentary” was. I was under the impression that an autopsy had already taken place, that a lethal dose of propofol was the cause of Michael’s death. Did I miss something in the autopsy report; in all the articles I had read? If there had been any doubt surrounding the coroner’s findings, would not a second opinion have been sought?
Why then is, “to reveal the true reasons for his death” the explanation for this abomination, when the reasons have already been proven?

It was suggested to me that the reason for this program is to bring closure to all the controversy and conjecture surrounding Michael’s death, and to bring solace to his fans and family. Considering that in England, where the documentary will be shown, the media have hardly been kind to Michael, and that the timing of this only just precedes Dr. Murray’s pre-trial, I hardly find this explanation credible. I also don’t see how a look-a-like Michael Jackson cadaver being dissected in front of cameras and millions of eyes, is going to bring any peace or closure to those who love and support him.

There is only one conclusion I can draw, and no excuses given or reasons offered can make me think otherwise. Ratings! I clearly see now how far the media are prepared to go to get those ratings, and that it is beyond all decency and conscience. Is this what our society has been reduced to? Is this what the public are hungry for?  Is the media exploiting the dark perversions of human nature or simply manipulating the tentative hold over right or wrong that some people struggle to hold on to? We are meant to be a cultured and intelligent species, but under the surface of our so-called civilized demeanors lays ugliness. You don’t have to dive too far into shallow waters to find it.

I have never been a witness to rape, but I have been a victim of it, mentally and physically. It is not an easy thing to forgive or forget. The violation, the loss of control over the mind and body linger long after the act. It can destroy your spirit, self-confidence and self-worth. In Michael’s rape, it is also destroying his name and therefore his legacy. The media go too far!

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  1. Seems to me that Michael was always the mirror
    of what is the very worst in Human Nature. Through him and how we treated him while he was
    with us...greed, sensationalism, ridicule and
    lack of compassion were evident on a global scale. Once again, he will reflect back on us
    how vile and invasive we humans can be...will we
    learn this time? Will it finally become apparent
    that tearing a person apart in life, and now in
    death is just not and never will be acceptable?

  2. Some will learn; others will not, but for Michael, we must keep pledging our love, support and continue to work toward vindicating his name. Michael god love him, brought out the very best in people, but also the worst.

  3. Valmai, thank you for being such a kind and loving person. I love you so very much for the person you are but especially for the work you do.

    What a profoud way to describe the aftermath of being raped. "The violation, the loss of control over the mind and body linger long after the act. It can destroy your spirit, self-confidence and self-worth. In Michael’s rape, it is also destroying his name and therefore his legacy." The media go too far! Yes, they do.

    Thank you for supporting cadeflaw. I hope you had a chance to read the article. We are so grateful to Billy Johnson, Jr. for believing in the project and stepping out the way he did. God is so good. I LYM.