Thursday, February 17, 2011

Light and Dark: The Laws of Attraction

There is for some, a propensity toward the darkest of human emotions. Scientists, psychologists, metaphysicians, clergy and philosophers might argue the source of these emotions, but wherever one may feel this darkness originates from, there can be no denying that exist it does.

It is also argued that the “light” attracts the “dark.” After following Michael Jackson’s career and reading accounts on his personal life for nearly 42 years, I’m inclined to agree. Michael shone with the light of love, goodness, peace, healing and humanitarianism, yet, he was constantly persecuted by the media and public alike for most of his life. Whatever positive good he did or said it was nearly always twisted into something negative or even sinister.

Yes, I believe “light” attracts the darkness of the human heart, but why? Why is it that some people take so much pleasure in tearing another person’s life from limb to limb; in humiliating, degrading, bullying and negating a soul’s essence? Why do some people eat their young? Greed, hate, vengeance, jealousy, racism, discrimination, rage, perversion, all could be some of the reasons, but to find source, the reason behind what motivates and elicits such extremes is a question I can’t answer. I just know, see and feel the ugliness.

And it’s there, still surrounding Michael’s name, but now it is also encompassing us, the fans. Those who knew him and are speaking now, openly and honestly about how he touched their lives, those who write about and pay tribute to him; all of us who are working toward and trying to continue the legacy he left behind, fans, peers and friends, can feel it.

I have wandered into some places on the internet; You Tube, forums, discussion threads, facebook posts and tweets that reek of this darkness. Hate literally screams from the images and words and none of us it appears, have escaped its ill-intentions. Charles Thomson, Deborah Ffrench and Rev. Barbara Kaufmann to name but a small few, have been attacked and ridiculed. Many, many tribute and fan websites have also been demeaned and attacked for simply daring to exist, and for equally daring to promote Michael’s achievements and to fight for his vindication and justice.

I myself have come under fire and most recently, the online magazine I publish monthly. I read in a discussion thread that the magazine was a sickly display of delusional misfits, all mooning over and defending a wacko that should have been locked up years ago, but now fortunately, is dead. (That is the edited version)

Do we care that these things are being said? Of course we do. We care because whatever is being said about us is also directly continuing the attack on a man we are trying so hard to defend. And personally? I take offense to being called ugly names by a bunch of bullies who have never graduated from their Middle School playgrounds. I am not a misfit or delusional, and I am not mooning over anyone. Rather, I am a stable, intelligent, grown woman who believes that Michael was a gift to this world, that he was misjudged and accused wrongly, and that he deserves to be recognized not only for his artistry, but also for all his acts of kindness and humanitarianism.

So, do we give up and yield to the onslaught of hate thrown our way? Of course not! If we do that then in essence we are giving up on Michael. Who else will fight so hard for him now that he has gone? Who else will continue his work and legacy? We are part of Michael, and he us. We have no choice.

It was said to me not long ago that often bad publicity can be good publicity. I sat and thought about this for awhile and realized the truth in this statement. The haters in a sense are giving us the publicity we need for people to sit up and take notice. Michael Jackson fans have always been labeled as fanactical, crazy, mean, blind and yes, delusional, but look what has happened! We came together and worked toward uncovering Michael’s name from the Gardner Street Elementary School auditorium. Look what happened when we came together in an all out effort to stop Discovery from airing their documentary on the re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s autopsy. We united as an intelligent and rational group. Dare I say it? We organized! And by doing so, caused alarm to some and respect from others. We are now being watched; we have been noticed in a positive light, one in which we have never been seen in before.

And those watchers and fence-sitters who perhaps might now have some doubts as to whether Michael was treated fairly, or doubts as to whether his accusers were the innocent victims, might now be experiencing some feelings of curiosity; some feelings of guilt. They might also actively seek some answers of their own or inadvertently stumble across one of those dark places that make your skin crawl with goosebumps. And, while some might slip back easily into the twisted mindset from which they came, others, or maybe just one at that time, might decide to look further into the cause of the hate, and visit our websites, forums and blogs. Once there, they may just read our articles, blogs and poems; watch our videos and witness the work we are doing and the goals we are trying to achieve. They may feel the immense love flowing from our words, all for a man they have accused and hated. They may ask why, and begin their own journey toward discovering the real Michael Jackson. The next it might be two more people, the day after three; small numbers you may say, but numbers nonetheless and when added to what we have, our audience grows larger and stronger.

So I say to the darkness, you who write so diligently against us and Michael, thank you. Thank you for the publicity. Thank you for giving us a wider audience and more reason to fight. Thank you for drawing attention to your hate because through it you are drawing attention to the “light.” And we who live in the light- aren’t going anywhere.

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  1. A right conclusion, the only conclusion indeed.
    Congratulations for your blog. It´s a gift.

  2. Thank you for such an insiteful article.
    I agree the haters only draw more attention
    to the light and to our cause for Michael :)

  3. Nice article. It made me think that the hate that has been with us for such a long time will eventually fade, because those types of ppl will forget why they hate MJ. But those of us who love him won't forget why, we won't forget anything, so his legacy to us will end up being stronger. *I think*

  4. Very well written, and I enjoyed reading your article. Since Michael's passing, I feel there has been a shift in consciousness about the man he was. There is still a number of "MJ haters" out there, but it is my goal to work with other fans, and the people who loved him to spread truth about the man Michael Jackson really was. He does deserve to be celebrated not only for his art, but for the good he did for this world, that went unnoticed by our media, the public, etc. Michael Jackson was a gift to this world. Those who recognize that, are blessed. I will always have Michael Jackson in my heart.