Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Powerful Truth

It was Mothers Day, and fields were still lying under water from weeks of severe storms and torrential rain. I took a moment to sit outside on the front porch and drink in the afternoon calm. The breeze had gentled, and the sun had begun its journey toward the end of what had been a perfect spring day. I noticed how still the water was and how it captured the landscape floating as a beautiful, yet imperfect image. It was a scene awaiting an artist’s brush.

As usual, in moments of solitude, my mind drifted toward thoughts of Michael, and how often his image has been captured by cameras and words, more often than not, as a distorted and blurred picture of the man he really was. This image has been sold to the public as fact, and a mirrored reflection has become a truth tainted with lies. The true picture of Michael has been lost to all but those who were close and loyal friends, his family and the fans who believe in him without doubt.

Truth! Fact, reality, genuine, that which is true. We do not need to see in order to believe. Our belief in Michael is based on faith, and knowledge born through that faith of the man behind this reflection of negativity. This is a powerful truth; a truth that empowers us to validate his name and legacy, and answer those who persist in portraying Michael as someone to be ridiculed and accused. It is time for false perceptions to be laid to rest, and for the world to open its ears to our voice.

Truth will set you free. A powerful truth will change the world. It has already begun!

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