Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pay Michael Forward: A Call to Action

Joe Vogel's highly anticipated November 1, international release of Man in the Music: The Life and Creative Work of Michael Jackson, will be supported by the launch of Pay Michael Forward—a site dedicated solely to supporting Man in the Music and Joe Vogel, an exciting 'launch-of-Man-in-the-Music' contest, endorsed by Joe Vogel.

It’s Time! After many months of anticipation, Joe Vogel’s long-awaited release of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson has arrived. For those of us who know and those who remember, Michael told us that when we wanted to be near him we could find his love and his soul in the music. Joe’s work will now inform the reader about the meticulous creative process of an artistic genius as he crafts his special magic. Michael’s storied perfectionism and humanity become a tapestry of love, woven throughout his musical history, and slowly revealed inside Joe’s elegant prose. Cultural, personal and organizational forces that weighed on the artist during his life are clearly defined, and the reader is invited to re-examine the lyrical, visual and vocal interpretations expressed by a man struggling sometimes to make sense of his world, of our world. 

In an effort to expand and share Joe’s work with a larger audience, we are thrilled to highlight the announcement of a new website dedicated to supporting Joe in his celebration of Michael’s life and work. Pay Michael Forward was imagined and now comes to life as a pathway for this to happen. A handful of passionate team members have constructed an avenue for all of us to use our imaginations and special skills to make this endeavor a success. The primary focus is, of course, on Joe and Man in the Music, offering an opportunity for many to contribute stories, videos and thoughts, as we move Michael’s story forward.
The site will include prizes, dialogue, reviews, and an opportunity to interact with Joe and discuss his labor of love. Interviews, articles, promotions and quotes from Joe are included and highlighted. The idea is simple….to move Michael further into public consciousness with a new understanding of his genius, and the remarkable contributions he has made and continues to make toward world peace, social justice, human dignity, and care for children all over the world through the common language of music.

I envision a school-aged child or a college student searching for a research topic, or a mom browsing a library while her children are in school all reaching for Man in the Music.  Attracted by the beautiful cover and the familiar name, she will experience the weight of its importance and its tactile beauty as she reads Joe’s introduction. Perhaps the child will love the images contained within and carry it home for a parent to read. And the college student will find a cozy corner and revisit the joy and excitement of a favorite song, as he is awakened to the creative process alive in the heart and soul of a marvelous artist;

Just as we have united in the pursuit of justice, perhaps we can now do the same in an effort to Pay Michael Forward. It is time now for hardbound testaments to truth, for film that attests to a unique human treasure, and for words and memories spoken by those who knew and loved him. Legacy, reputation and recognition of Michael’s global cultural significance must be protected with the truth, and this is one vehicle where we can help to make that happen. Joe dedicated his time and talent, and now his baby is born. Let’s join him in this effort and raise Michael up to his deserved place in history. 

In association with Pay Michael Forward, Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, MJ-777, Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael's Legacy Alive, Voices Education Project and Inner Michael, we are delighted to bring you news of the amazing contest to celebrate and accelerate the worldwide launch of Joe Vogel's definivite new book, Man in the Music.

The Pay Michael Forward team are asking fans to participate in a surge-buy campaign between the crucial period of Nov 1- Nov 13, in order to propel Man in the Music into the bestseller lists at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. This, in turn, will help to drive it into the New York Times best sellers list. Fans are further incentivized to help get Joe out there by talking about Michael Jackson, sending a message to publishers that the truth CAN sell, and spreading the truth about who Michael was and his incredible gift to us.

Pay Michael Forward: Voices Education Project: and Inner Michael: are the only three sites where fans can enter a worldwide contest endorsed by Joe Vogel that is designed to encourage and show appreciation to fans who buy more than one Man in the Music copies.

Contest Details:

Order two or more books and enter by filling out the contest form on a page, at Inner Michael or at Voices. Using the link on the form will open another window where you may order books through the Voices Education Project link at Amazon and contributes a 5% commission to “Voices” who hosts the amazing “Words and Violence” curriculum dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer. PMF (Pay Michael Forward) encourages you to use that link as a win/win for everyone.

Order two or more books and become eligible for prizes:

Everyone who enters the contest will receive an invitation to a fireside chat via telephone and internet hosted by Rev. B at Inner Michael and featuring Joe Vogel and a surprise special guest. The date of the fireside chat is to be determined.

Winners will be determined by the number of books purchased; the grand prize winner will be determined by a drawing; and additional prizes will be awarded to those with the most creative ideas for how to promote the book Man in the Music and/or Pay Michael Forward, the website as judged by the PMF staff.

The First Place Winner will receive an additional signed copy of Man in the Music, a signed hardbound copy of Joe Vogel’s Earth Song and a giant poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Second Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song, a small poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Third Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song and a T-shirt designed by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

The Grand Prize winner will be determined by a drawing by Joe Vogel at a to-be-determined date filmed and presented on YouTube. The winner will receive the Ultimate Collection of Music by Michael Jackson, signed copies of Man in the Music and Earth Song. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.
Additional Prizes (signed copies of Joe’s book Earth Song) will be awarded to contestants who send in the most creative ideas of how to promote Joe Vogel’s books and the website Pay Michael Forward. Or, those who have already creatively promoted the books and website—tell us how you did it. The additional prize winners are judged and chosen by the PMF staff.

The PMF team would really like those who enter the competition or even those who have already bought their MIM copies and do not intend or cannot buy more; to visit PMF to hear about the creative ways which the team has created for how people can 'pay Michael Forward.'
You can take pictures and load as twitpics or make videos of yourselves gifting MIM to curious friends or strangers with sensible questions, libraries, colleges, schools, church groups, reading groups, youth groups, hospital or hospice libraries, universities, doctors surgeries and dentists etc.
Fans are also invited to upload all those important pictures into the comments section at PMF, with a brief explanation of how they found their advocacy experience at the site, in a specially designated page at PMF. You can also, from Nov 1 onwards send your twipics of ‘paying Michael forward' to the PayMichaelForward twitter account:!/PayMJForward

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