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What the Whole World Knows, But Doesn't

The whole world knows of Michael Jackson’s humanitarianism now that he has gone. Charities and organizations he supported during his life-time can be easily found on the internet, and it’s an impressive list. The sort of list that when looking at it triggers a twinge of guilt or shame, and the feeling that a period of self-reflection is long overdue and well in order.

Yes, the whole world now knows of Michael’s habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return, but why didn’t the media report on this while he was alive? For the most part, Michael didn’t want it publicized. It wasn’t about getting good press or photo opportunities or making himself look good. It came from his heart and he did it for love, quietly and unobtrusively without the prying eyes of the world watching.

And perhaps there was another reason he discouraged publicity surrounding his acts of love and generosity, especially toward children. The rare times was actually filmed visiting hospitals and orphanages, and at Neverland when he hosted special visits from underprivileged and sick children, it was often down-played or underscored as an act of kindness, and sometimes found questionable by those who didn’t understand, didn’t want to see it for what it was, and alluded to something far darker than his innocent and pure love for all little ones. That  left the door open then, for more sinister elements to enter Michael’s life and take advantage of him.

And those that did take advantage of his love for children, and used it for their own nefarious gain; the circumstances surrounding the situations, the gossip and innuendos fueled by the media, the resulting court case, stigmatized and branded Michael forever. It didn’t matter that he was found not guilty. In the eyes of the armchair critic’s who sat before their television sets night after night watching one man’s life ton apart, he was guilty, regardless of the verdict. Yes, he was guilty, but only of his simplistic trust in the goodness of the human heart. For this he was judged, condemned and forever remembered for the things he never was, instead for all the things he should, and deserves to be recognized for.

One man, with so much love to give, donated millions of dollars of his own hard-earned money to countless charities. He donated medical equipment to hospitals. He paid for transplants and surgeries; opened up his life and home to hundreds of kids and their families, and people gratefully accepted his kindness. They were touched, affected and changed forever through his gift of unselfish love.

Charities and organizations were grateful also.Through Michael’s generosity, their work in helping the disadvantaged, underprivileged, sick and terminally ill, was made just a little bit easier. It helped continue the humanitarianism that echoed so strongly in Michael’s heart. But hearts beating as one in an instant, in the flash of a camera, in a news broadcast, in an allegation and trial, faltered and skipped a few beats. And after the acquittal, for some it was too risky, too controversial, to pick up and unify the rhythm again.

Having Michael’s name associated with their charities became an embarrassment for some. The money had been accepted, spent wisely in most cases and used where it needed. “Very much appreciated and thank you very much Mr. Jackson for your kind donation, but….” And that is a very loud "BUT." Even now, approaching some of these charities and hospitals to ask if they will help support or sponsor new projects that will ensure Michael’s legacy continues, and also bring attention to their needs and continuing work, there is a reluctance, flat-out refusals or total silence.

And still today publishers are reluctant, if not un-willing, to print books on Michael’s life unless they are tell-all’s that focus on negativity, hearsay and gossip. So many positive and beautiful books that have been written both by Michael’s friends and his fans, have been turned away and not afforded their due, forcing authors to self-publish. Without marketing, distribution and promotion, these books do not have the range to reach a mass readership, therefore denying countless readers easy access to a better understanding and insight into the real truth about Michael.

How sad it is that this one slight man with a voice that brought even men to tears, that engaged generations in a love affair of the heart, mind and spirit, who gave so much, did so much to help others, is still seen as a pariah in society. It doesn’t say much for humankind.

So what can we do? How can we change an opinion that has been engraved upon the public’s mind through the clever manipulation of words, and that has been accepted as a truth by those willing to believe everything they read? We can continue walking the path we are on; all of us. Fans, friends and associates of Michael are all working toward the continuation of his legacy each in our own ways. We are fighting for justice, seeking the vindication of his name, paying tribute to and honoring all that he accomplished and stood for. We are trying to live his message everyday and we are showing the world by our example, the truly special gift that Michael was and still is.

Everything we say and do causes a reaction; a ripple in the universe that becomes locked in the time of that precise moment when action produces effect. Essentially, it becomes a part of history because the clock cannot be turned back. We cannot change what has been said and done. Let our words and actions become a part of Michael’s history so that when future generations read of this time, when they read of how it all began, they will see how the negativity and lies were silenced with truth, and by the roar of millions of voices speaking one language for a common good.

This video was made to honor all of Michael’s fans and friends, and all the websites both tribute and justice that are dedicated each in their own way to the continuation of Michael's legacy and the vindication of his name. Thank you all for your tireless work and love.
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