Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lasting Impressions

Lasting impressions. We have all experienced those moments in time when someone or something has left an indelible mark upon us, an effect that causes a feeling both permanent and enduring. These impressions are imprinted upon our minds and hearts forever to dwell within our life memories.

Michael impacted our lives in ways we are still discovering; ways in which some of us are trying to understand. Slight of frame, huge of heart, empathetic to all creatures, a musical genius breaking barriers across time while carrying a love so great and unselfishly given, Michael left a powerful mark on the face of generations past, present and future.

We, his fans and supporters, each have our own memories and different impressions placed upon us from time spent walking a shared, and spiritual space with Michael during his time on this planet. All of us will remember the good that was this man without doubt or uncertainty, without question or blame. But how will the media and public remember him?

Far from embracing the light that shone from this man, there are those who choose to remember Michael in quite a different way. A means to an end. A commodity of endless scandal. Efforts concentrate on negativity and controversy, and the public soak up this information in what for some is seen as the final episode in his life, a life to us that was given to humanity, a life to us that was cruelly taken before its time.

Michael’s last trial looms before us. He stands accused once again, not of the heinous charges and allegations of the past, but of the mismanagement of wealth, and relief sought through means that at the end would see him take his last breath. A life once more open to speculation, ridicule and blame, dissected before the world in an attempt to shift culpability from the taker of life, to the giver of love.

Is this how the ‘Moonwalker’ will be remembered? Will he become another of our bright stars that lit the sky with blazing light, burnt out and drained of life and spirit by those who feed off their energy; by those afraid of the words change, justice, equality, peace and….love? Will Michael’s final portrait be painted in the colors of laughter and mockery, shame and guilt? His face staring out from yellowed posters and magazines? His song encased in plastic covers and buried in discounted bins?

As extreme as this may be, it has happened to others. Michael, one of our brightest and most beautiful stars cannot be allowed to rest still surrounded by controversy, allegations, cruel mockery and the pointing of fingers. This should not be the last testament of a life lived in service to his craft and humanity.

The characterization of Michael’s name by those who seek nothing else but pleasure and profit through its exploitation, obscures the world’s view of the ‘real’ man. It is up to us to show  the musical genius, humanitarian, messenger and gift that Michael truly was, and reveal his legacy as a lasting impression that should be remembered by all. One that is deserving of recognition by all, rather than one overshadowed by a few who seek not truth, but  notoriety  through deceit and falsehood.


Video by Bonnie Lamroc- http://www.mj-upbeat.com/


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