Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Man I Really Am

Michael once asked, “Is it Scary for you?” In his powerful lyrics,he was expressing his knowledge that he was indeed a mirror; the mirror for every one of us. He asked if he was the ‘beast ‘we visualized and if so, that’s exactly what he would be. The darkness or light that lives in a soul sees itself clearly in Michael; he becomes who we are inside. The darkness interprets Michael as strange, grotesque, that ghost under the bed, haunting and different. But is he, or is it us? 

Recent events and the approaching trial has opened floodgates of negativity…we all feel it…it’s a living thing palpable in the air; inescapable. We are reluctantly standing on the cusp of a terribly difficult time, one that Rev. Jackson once referred to as a ‘season’ of life. In the warm glow of summer, joy and contentment thrive. Spring is anticipation and promises of personal growth with hope. Autumn’s face is beauty and peace, but winter’s season is cold, hard days…. days when one wishes to pull the covers up and resist greeting a new day. I wonder sometimes how Michael survived his winters of life. As human as each of us, his challenges and tribulations were so difficult and soul searing that we suffer for him even now, with tears of loss and desire for a second chance. 


The storm is coming just beyond tomorrow and winds are blowing. One pulls that collar up on a favorite coat and a choice is made. Put the gale at your back and leave this place or turn and face the onslaught, because it’s gathering strength in confusion and lies. Cycles of anger, indignation, disbelief and tears are your fate; it hurts to see love trampled. A life opened to examination once again and we ask, “Does it ever end?” Michael knew the strange, evil ones reflected in his mirror and we know also. We know the faces, words and intentions of the old, familiar ones who return in glee to harm our lost one. And we’ve met the new ones with pressed suits and cutting words; protectors of guilt and deception. We see through fancy titles and dishonest statements of caring. And words lash at us also, as crazies and worshipers with a dab of obsession.

We also know the brave and the bright ones; the ones with voices and a platform who speak our thoughts and pain. We love them, and call them vanguards and heroes because they are. Men and women who knew and know who Michael is… what he and now we stand for. Writers with elegant words and insight who heal the wounds or show us how to place a band aid and move on. Men who fought old battles and men who know what the Hippocratic Oath really means. Those who put truth on paper with lovely photos on hardcover copy. And the many of us with normal lives and busy days who share a vision with Michael, of a better world and healthy, happy children. 

Michael lyrically protested against cruel, fabricated stories that he believed "got the people confused about the man I really am." Carnival sideshows chipped at his pride and humanity. And a wordsmith asked, "How did he stay vertical?" And how do we who love him, come to terms with Michael lying motionless as that new storm approaches? By individual strength and determination, a willingness to withstand barrages of sanctioned bullying on a daily basis and a love made of steely resolve…. all necessary to counter enough hurt to rattle the atoms in a body’s cells. Remember the grace that walked with Michael all those days in 2005? Few knew of the anguish he kept at home while living the faith he had in his Creator’s truth. Can we do less? As Michael’s family surrounded him with unwavering purpose and support during those dark days, we are now asked to do the same as we defend his memory. 

As we continue to keep the faith in truth, some will find strength in spiritual connection and the knowledge that Michael’s hands are present here. Others will find solace in his music and words that continue to inspire and raise up souls. The positive, necessary energy of intention and belief in light overcoming swirling shadow clears minds and opens hearts. Many voices in unity and peaceful expression will bring honor to the man we are here for,  and now speak for and about.

So raise your collars folks. Stormy weather is upon us. The man who is the mirror of souls once boldly sang…”So let the performance start.” It has.



by Lauren
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