Thursday, November 11, 2010

Above All

I watched you from afar through the years
A nameless face in a sea of tears
Crying for joy with each new song
Forever in my heart you came to belong

From boy to man I loved you more
I came to believe in what you stood for
I vowed to follow the example you set
Your hopes and dreams I tried to protect

The message you sent I tended with care
Even though you were not aware
That on a distant shore, and out of reach
Your inspiring words I tried to teach

I dreamed of the day that we might meet
My face and heart you would joyfully greet
A lasting friendship between us would grow
The seeds of trust I would carefully sow

I carried this dream and hoped to dare
But the distance between us grew each year
I saw you rise to become a King
Of pop and hearts and souls within

In vain I called your name out loud
But how could you hear from above the crowds
Or see the nameless face I wore
And feel how much I loved you more

My tears streamed down as I counted the cost
Of dreams and hope I felt I had lost
And in the end, all I had left
Was a broken heart as they laid you to rest

Then by chance I found my way
To a place where I could openly say
How much I missed not having you here
And the guilt I felt for not being there

I connected with others who felt the same
And through our dots we ignited a flame
Now it burns on David’s canvas
Bright with love’s golden harness

Now my broken heart can mend
Through the Portrait, you have become my friend
My face now has a name you can call
Now you know I love you above all

© Valmai Owens, 2009. All Rights Reserved.
No reproduction without permission from author.

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