Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KS107.5 Jumps on the Michael Jackson Bandwagon!

Again, we have yet another example of malicious and ugly humor directed toward Michael. I have to ask, when will enough be enough? If you haven’t already seen this short video then check it out now: http://www.ks1075.com/ulitube.aspx

I mean really, is this meant to be funny? Far from it! I find this not only disrespectful, but also tasteless and offensive. The Michael Jackson bandwagon grows larger everyday as people and the media eagerly jump on board to continue their cruel attacks and gutter mentality. Actually it’s not really a bandwagon as such, but more of a wagon train!

I’m sure the makers of this video got a good laugh out it at Michael’s expense; perhaps they even thought they were clever in making it. I’m afraid none of the fans find this remotely funny, rather, we are feeling a mixture of outrage and sadness at the continual onslaught against Michael’s character and name.

Sometimes, fighting this battle to vindicate Michael’s name and character seems overwhelming at times. There appears to be a never-ending supply of willing participants ready to pounce upon the opportunity to discredit him. At the same time however, there is a never-ending supply of fans ready to counter these vile and humorless attempts at slander.

There is strength in numbers, so let’s use that to lodge our formal complaints and have this video taken down. Please write to stumpyjoe@lincolnfinancialmedia.com  and put Michael Jackson Complaint in the subject line.

Remember dear friends, that it is not only what we say that is important, it is the way we say it that will prove to have the biggest impact. Be respectful, be firm, ask yourselves how Michael would respond, and stay calm. Do and say everything with love. In this way we are following the example Michael set for us, and through us the world will one day come to see the positive good and beautiful light that was, and always will be, Michael!

Peace and Love to You All!
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  1. Thats a discusting video,i hate seeing these cruel videos about Michael or anyone that is being treated this way. I feel sorry for them,not Michael. : (
    I'll definitely be complaining.