Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fans in the Mirror

Fans in the Mirror
The Official Book of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
by his fans, for his fans
Created and Edited by Valmai Owens
Co-Editor Linda Higgins

Written for the MJTP, 6/20/2010.

While there are millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world, many fans have expressed feeling isolated in their love for the King of Pop. Family and friends just don't understand the deep connection, nor how fans felt they had lost a family member - or a part of themselves - when he passed away so unexpectedly. Bringing fans together in a pure, safe, and loving community has been one of the most important missions of the largest and most respected tribute in the world, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

From its creation twelve months ago, the Tribute Portrait website has evolved into a global family where fans have become part of Michael, and each other, developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

Fans in the Mirror is a book created from the experiences and feelings of some of these fans, who came together and "connected their dots" in this one of a kind tribute.

At times thought-provoking, at other moments emotionally moving, profoundly tender, stimulating and often intimate, these 222 letters, poems, tributes and artwork collected from fans around the world are a testimony of their love, respect and loyalty for musical genius and ambassador of peace, Michael Joseph Jackson. The pages record the unique and special bond that has always existed between Michael and his fans, but also is a testament to their strength and determination to carry on the legacy he left behind. The writing is sometimes filled with intense and mixed emotions as fans recount the influence Michael had on their lives while struggling with the grief that is still felt one year after his death. The artwork explicitly portrays a talent born from passionate devotion and a deep personal connection. Fans in the Mirror is a remarkable testimony that will touch and motivate readers forever.

“It is more than a book. It is a journey toward enlightenment, understanding,
forgiveness, spirituality and ultimate L.O.V.E., everything that Michael was and
still is.” Dot # 3914.

“Finally! A book which tells of the positive influence he had on so many lives!
Finally! A vehicle for telling the naysayers about the very effective Power for
Good named Michael Jackson!”  Dot # 9671.

“I learned a lot while going through the different pieces because I really had to
pay attention. I found myself in tears at times and also amazed at how much love is there for him.  And the drawings!! My heart aches at how beautiful he was.” Dot # 239372

The much anticipated Fans in the Mirror is now available for purchase as an E-book. Finally, we have the opportunity to read about the influence Michael had on so many lives. Please visit our Tribute Store at http://www.michaeljacksontributeportrait.com/ today, to receive your copy.

© Valmai Owens, 2010. All Rights Reserved.
No reproduction without permission from author.

Fans in the Mirror promotional video created and produced by Valmai Owens for the MJTP.

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