Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Time heals they say, but my wound still bleeds
My thoughts are constant, unceasing
They are always reaching out seeking the essence that is you
You are in my blood, in every heartbeat and breath
Everywhere I look every song I sing, every movement I make
You are there

I am lost in you, struggling to find a way out from under your wings
From your arms that still hold me tight, from the whispers in the night
Your breath is still upon my face, but the feeling of ever is no more

Memories linger and my life hurts more everyday you are gone
You slipped away from me in silence and haste
And if you were here in this moment with me, I would ask you why
When words I spoke and with gentle hands I touched
Was it not enough to keep you close?

There were no goodbyes, no uttered regrets
Just a fading from sight and the flashes of fire were gone
The feeling of belonging an idea once dreamt
The absence of hands and bodies touching
Of lips skimming over skin and minds, eyes lingering softly
Fills my nights with restless motion and my days with unfocused sight

The endlessness I feel flows through my fears
Of loneliness and pain and questions how
When love once shared in light and pure soul
Could fall into the black of human blindness
Leaving me to bleed from the inside out asking, always asking, why?

Michael you are my truth and hope, you are my heart and love. As long as one single breath remains in my body, I will carry your message and voice to the world. Your legacy will live on.
RIP My Forever King.

© 2009, Valmai Owens, All rights Reserved
No reproduction without permission from author

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